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Ann Wilson - Immortal 2LP


BMG Records

Ann Wilson of Heart, one of rock's most distinctive and powerful vocalists, will release her new solo album on BMG, marking her debut for the label. Fittingly titled Immortal, the album features 10 musically diverse tracks that pay homage to some of the singer's favorite songs and artists, all of whom have passed away in recent years and whose music poignantly lives on. Ann Wilson states specifically about this project, "For these souls passed, for all souls present, these songs are shades of life, love, darkness and light. It is an honor to stand inside these expressions and make them mine for a moment. Listen, feel and dig them with me. Love and respect, Ann."

LP 1
1. You Don't Own Me (feat. Warren Haynes)
2. I Am The Highway
3. Luna (feat. Warren Haynes)
4. I'm Afraid of Americans
5. Politician
LP 2
1. Life In The Fast Lane
2. Back to Black (feat. Ben Mink)
3. A Different Corner
4. A Thousand Kisses Deep (feat. Ben Mink)
5. Baker Street

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