Ataris - Silver Turns To Rust LP NEW SPLATTER VINYL

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Ataris - Silver Turns To Rust LP


Kung Fu Records

The first official release of the independently distributed album from the enormously successful and still loved Indiana pop punk band, The Ataris! Originally sold at live shows in 2017, this official release includes 4 bonus tracks including a raw demo version of the band's smash hit cover of Don Henley's "Boys Of Summer!" Available on both CD and special limited edition silver and rust spaltter vinyl!

1 All Souls' Day
2 Fast Time at Dropout High
3 12.15.10
4 The Graveyard of the Atlantic
5 Slacker Rock
6 They Live, We Sleep
7 Trash Panda
8 Peel Sessions
9 Beauty, Eh?
10 Silver Turns to Rust
11 Some Notes on Bach and Haydn (Demo)
12 You and Your Perfect Li(F)E (Demo)
13 Oh, Kansas City
14 In a City of Forgotten Words
15 Soul and Fire
16 The Boys of Summer (Demo)

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