Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Self Titled LP NEW Purple Vinyl

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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Self Titled LP

New. Sealed.

2017 marks the 24th Anniversary of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's remarkable arrival onto the music scene. In it's first years, having secured their legendary residency at the Derby nightclub in Los Angeles, they reminded the world-in the middle of the grunge era, no less-that it was still cool to swing, big band style. Finally Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's fantastic Debut is available on vinyl. Fans had to wait a long time. After all these years (the album originally was released in 1994) it still feels great to listen to songs like !13 Women", "Cruel Spell" or "Machine Gun". Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was founded in 1989 by Frontman Scotty Morris. The band's name comes from Blues Legend Albert Collins who once signed a poster to Scotty with "for Scotty, the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!". The band developed their own style of Swing, inspired by the music of the 40s and 50s. Purple vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

Purple Vinyl

Lonestar Records

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