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Black Taffy - Elder Mantis LP


Leaving Records

Black Taffy (Donovan Jones) is a Dallas-based composer and performer whose current focus lies in pairing ambient music with large bass and percussion. The first born son of Pentecostal music ministers, Donovan grew up witnessing the power music has to induce trance and encourage spiritual awakening. Eventually drawing parallels between christianity, voodoo, and the occult, he left the former to immerse himself in the latter. Sometimes performing with only Vibraphone and cassette decks, he frequently employs the use of tape loops and other antiquated mediums to create pillowy worlds of wow and flutter.

1 Divining Rod
2 Corridors
3 Geraldine
4 Land of Nod
5 Windflower
6 Switchback
7 Jaguarundi
8 Private Shadows
9 Border Reeds
10 Lantern Flies in Mist
11 Para Los Campana
12 The Empty Mirror

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