Black To Comm - Seven Horses For Seven Kings LP NEW

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Black To Comm - Seven Horses For Seven Kings LP 


Thrill Jockey Records

Through his output both as a sound artist and through his
eclectic Dekorder record label, Back to Comm (Marc Richter) has
established himself as a singular voice of new music. His Thrill
Jockey debut, Seven Horses For Seven Kings is Richter’s most direct
and visceral work to date. It is unashamedly dark and undeniably
angry. But rather than be consumed by such emotions, Richter
employs them here as ecstatic release.

A relentless sonic explorer, he approaches the studio as his
instrument, using sampling, analogue production and digital
manipulation to sculpt audio fragments into surprising new shapes.
Samples from Richter’s contemporaries like German composer Nils
Frahm are bent and compounded with elements of early recorded
music and medieval song, creating pieces that transcend time and
genre. Richter blurs the lines between organic instrumentation and
digital production to the extent that the two become inseparable.