Blind Boy Fuller - Truckin' My Blues Away LP NEW

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Blind Boy Fuller - Truckin' My Blues Away LP


Yazoo Records

"True to his stage name, Fulton Allen, otherwise known as Blind Boy Fuller, has been blind since his early 20s after long-term, untreated conjunctivitis by the time he became a blues musician. He cut his teeth performing all across his home-state of North Carolina at house parties, street corners, and juke joints, developing a strong local following Possessing a remarkable finger-picking guitar style, and an uncanny ability to briskly shift between humorous hokum numbers and deeply honest artistry, Fuller's popularity continued to grow throughout his career, to the point that after his death, Columbia Records continued to profit from him by having Fuller protégé Brownie McGhee release new recordings under his name. Blind Boy Fuller's local following attracted the attention of the American Recording Company, who brought him to New York to record numerous 45 singles. These recordings would be released through ARC as well as Decca Records, and make up the various tracks on Truckin' My Blues Away. This definitive compilation of Fuller material runs a gamut of styles and moods, often fusing traditional and contemporary sounds. From light-yet-explicit hokum ditties like the title track or ""Meat Shakin' Woman"", to painfully earnest balldry like ""Weeping Willow"". Despite accusations of overexposure and being derivative, Fuller's recordings were immensely popular, and continued to influence later artists like Ry Cooder, Paul Geremia, and Dave Van Ronk."

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