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Cody Jinks - I'm Not The Devil LP


Thirty Tigers Records

Jinks’ latest project is his deepest, darkest and most provocative album to date, with a metal common denominator, the apocalypse, running throughout the record. “It’s a pretty scary time,” Jinks said. “There are some evil people running things in the world. It hits me since I have a six and three-year old.” There’s not a weightier song than the aptly titled “Heavy Load.” It’s the most apocalyptic song on the album but the dense cut, with a pretty violin break, is a gorgeous tune. The vocal hook grabs ears when Jinks croons “Train Jumps Tracks Some Time Ago/You Can’t Root That Heavy Load.” “That was the last song I wrote on the record,” Jinks said. “I couldn’t be happier how that one turned out.”

1. The Same
2. I'm Not the Devil
3. No Guarantees
4. No Words
5. Give All You Can
6. She's All Mine
7. The Way I Am
8. Chase That Song
9. Heavy Load
10. Grey
11. Church at Gaylor Creek
12. Vampires
13. Hand Me Down

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