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SYML - The Day My Father Died LP


Nettwerk Records

SYML's music has a sacred quality. The solo venture of Seattle artist Brian Fennell, it's themes tap into the instincts that drive us to places of sanctuary, whether that be a place or person. "It comes back to your identity of being human; throughout time we've shared the same drive," he explains. His own upbringing - interwoven with experiences of abandonment, adoption, loss, grief and love - is what drives him to question how connections between people shape us as individuals. The Day My Father Died is an exceptional record. Over 15 songs, SYML offers a profound exploration of the ways in which our lives intertwine. Throughout the album, SYML weaves in familiar iconography as a means of examining his feelings towards others, and about himself.

1 Howling (Feat. Lucius)
2 Believer
3 Laughing at the Storm
4 Sweet Home
5 Lost Myself (Feat. Guy Garvey)
6 The Day My Father Died
7 Feel Your Pain
8 Tragic Magic
9 Chariot
10 Marion
11 Better Part of Me (Feat. Sara Watkins)
12 Baby Don't Lie
13 You and I (Feat. Charlotte Lawrence)
14 Caving in
15 Corduroy

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