Daniel Carter/Federico Ughi - Radical Invisibility LP NEW

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Daniel Carter/Federico Ughi - Radical Invisibility LP


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"This is the debut album of a group dedicated to the invisible world. Some people operate invisibly by choice, some are invisible because of the nature of events in their life, some remain invisible and unknown against their will. In this group, even the bass players name, a word-play that means to go driving in Spanish, is invisible, yet she is a real person. Legendary music master Daniel Carter came up with the title Radical Invisibility. He says about this project: This group has signature attitude, and astonishing access to some of the enticingly key mysteries of musical creation mood, atmosphere, recognizable group-sound identity. A graceful, but quite radical, radical, but quite graceful, subtle synthesis of a wide range of musical styles/genres/traditions/sensibilities. Divinely infectious.In various sections of the music, the listener, may ask her/himself, ""I know Im somewhere notably specific and real, but how did I get here?.Listen to this album and you might be able to see the invisible world."

1 Ms. Gertrude
2 Diaspora Guinéa
3 weNyamombe and Gomukomu weSimbi
4 Mrs. Myth (bonus track)

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