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Dawes - Passwords LP 


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On the group's sixth album, Passwords, inspiration pulls guitarist/singer Taylor Goldsmith, drummer Griffin Goldsmith, bassist Wylie Gelber, and keyboardist Lee Pardini into their most universal, topical territory to date. This is a record about the modern world: the relationships that fill it, the politics that divide it, the small victories and big losses that give it shape. Taylor's writing is personal at points - the result of his recent engagement, which lends a sense of gravity and self-reflection to album highlights like "Time Flies Either Way" and "I Can't Love" - but it also zooms out, focusing not on the director himself, but on everything within the lens.

Passwords, produced by Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty, Roger Waters, Conor Oberst) is Dawes’ sixth studio album.

LP 1
1. Living In The Future
2. Stay Down
3. Crack The Case
4. Feed The Fire
5. My Greatest Invention
LP 2
1. Telescope
2. I Can’t Love
3. Mistakes We Should Have Made
4. Never Gonna Say Goodbye
5. Time Flies Either Way

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