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Ider - Emotional Education LP


Glassnote Records

Themes of anxiety, identity, mental health, and the human condition run throughout the albums 11 songs. They are consistently intricate and intimate, but draw from a multitude of influences, reflecting the multi-instrumentalists' diverse tastes.

To understand the symbiosis that exists between Ider, you need only learn how the London duo's debut album got it's name. "It came from a song that I had written," says Megan Markwick, referring to the raw electro-pop anthem 'Saddest Generation', a beautiful examination of millennial malaise. "But then Lily had put in that lyric - 'Where's the emotional education we're all looking for?' And it was a penny drop moment. It's such a perfect example of the way we work, this partnership that is all entangled." "Emotional Education is what we give each other," adds Lily Somerville, "and what we're going to give you with this album."

1 Mirror
2 Wu Baby
3 Busy Being a Rockstar
4 Brown Sugar
5 Invincible
6 Clinging to the Weekend
7 Swim
8 You've Got Your Whole Life Ahead of You Baby
9 Body Love
10 Saddest Generation
11 Slide

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