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KMFDM - Hell Yeah 2LP 


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Pioneers, philosophers, trailblazers, in short: prophets always have to assemble their flocks abroad before they find due recognition in their homelands. This also applies to the German artform KMFDM. Whether in the US, Japan, Australia or elsewhere (where they sold hundred thousands of records and embarked on various sold out tours) – for over a quarter of a century they are the epitome and synonym for a musical style of the harder variety: Industrial Rock. KMFDM pioneered the crossover between techno/dance and heavy metal, creating their unique sound and were one of the first bands to bring Industrial Rock to mainstream. They influenced bands such as Rammstein with whom they were touring the US – with KMFDM headlining. The band was founded in 1984 and rapidly evolved year by year through intense experimentation and touring. They have managed to redefine themselves with every new release.

1. Hell Yeah
2. Freak Flag
3. Oppression 1/2
4. Total State Machine
5. Oppression 2/2
6. Murder My Heart
7. Rip The System V. 2.0
8. Shock
9. Fake News
10. Rx 4 The Damned
11. Burning Brain
12. Only Lovers
13. Glam, Glitz, Gutz & Gore

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