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Kool Keith - Black Elvis/Lost In Space 2LP


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Kool Keith is an American rapper from The Bronx known for his surreal, abstract and often profane or incomprehensible lyrics. Kool Keith has recorded prolifically both as a solo artist and in group collaborations. After being part of the legendary hip hop formation Ultramagnetic MC's he debuted in 1996 as a profound solo artist. He is generally considered to be one of hip-hop's most eccentric and unusual personalities.
By the big audience Kool Keith is mostly known as the voice of the number "Smack My Bitch Up" by the Prodigy, a fragment used without his consent.

Black Elvis/Lost in Space is the fourth studio album by mc Kool Keith, but recorded under the alias of Black Elvis. This is the first album performed under this alias.

Kool Keith uses very complex rhymes on various subject matters from Black Elvis' viewpoint on half of the album and on the other half elaborates on space travel and being lost in space. This is the first album for which Keith handled all of the production, although drum programming was done by Kutmasta Kurt and Marc Live.

LP 1
1 Intro
2. Lost In Space
3. Rockets On The Battlefield
4. Livin' Astro
5. Supergalatic Lover
6. Master Of The Game
7. I'm Seein' Robots
8. Static
LP 2
1. Intro 2
2. Black Elvis
3. Maxi Curls
4. Keith Turbo
5. Fine Girls
6. The Girls Don't Like The Job
7. Clifton
8. All The Time
9. I Don't Play

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