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Le Butcherettes - A Raw Youth LP


Ipecac Records

Vinyl LP pressing. There's a moment in all of our lives where we learn of the great injustices around us and decide what we're going to do about it on a personal level, you could sum it up as, to conform or not to conform. Le Butcherettes - Teri Gender Bender (vocals/guitar/piano), Chris Common (drums), and Jamie Aaron (bass) - examine that push-and-pull on their third full-length album, A Raw Youth (Ipecac Recordings). Album opener "Shave The Pride" teeters between a kinetic guitar buzz and a sizzling call-to-arms chorus. Later on the album, "They F*** You Over" brings things full circle for Teri who penned the initial framework of the song at only 16-years-old. The record continues a tradition of collaboration with iconic guitarist John Frusciante adding a psychedelic swoon to record closer "My Half." Meanwhile, previous tour mate Iggy Pop adds a gritty sense of savoir faire to the gnashing vaudevillian stomp of "La Uva."

1 Shave the Pride
2 My Mallely
3 Reason to Die Young
4 La Uva (FT. Iggy Pop)
5 Sold Less Than Gold
6 Stab My Back
7 They F*#k You Over
8 Witchless C Spot
9 The Hitch Hiker
10 Lonely & Drunk
11 Oil the Shoe If the Critter Knew Any Better
12 My Half (FT. John Frusciante)

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