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Max Richter - Henry May Long OST LP


Deutsche Grammophon Records

Emmy-nominated composer Max Richter releases a new score for Henry May Long, a film about Henry May and Henry Long, two old friends from college who took two different paths in New York City during the Gilded Age. After meeting one day in the street, seemingly by accident, they rekindle their friendship. Together they take a journey away from the pressures of New York to the New England harbor town of New Bedford, where buried truths are revealed and change each man irrevocably.

1. Ocean House Mirror
2. Stairs Abyss Starlight
3. Exit Top Hat Greeting
4. Waiting For Sunlight Evening
5. Interior Tears An Idea
6. Ending Doorway Pavement
7. Farewell Threshold Laudanum
8. Sofa Chess
9. Interior Horses
10. Whale Window Hotel 1
11. A Candle And Half A Pear
12. Powder Pills Truth
13. The Young Mariner
14. Dinner And The Ship Of Dreams

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