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Melody Gardot - Currency of Man 2LP


Universal Records

International best-selling singer, songwriter and musician, Melody Gardot, is back with her 4th studio album, Currency of Man .The highly-anticipated Currency of Man is an intensely creative milestone, transcending musical distinctions of jazz, blues and R&B, to offer a stirring social and musical statement. On the new album, Melody joins forces again with Grammy Award-winning producer Larry Klein (their last collaboration, 2009 s My One and Only Thrill , sell over 1.5 million copies). 

LP 1
1. Don't Misunderstand
2. Don't Talk
3. It Gonna Come
4. Bad News
5. She Don't Know
6. Palmas Da Rua
7. Same To You
8. No Man's Prize
9. March For Mingus
LP 2
1. Preacherman
2. Morning Sun
3. If I Ever Recall Your Face
4. Once I Was Loved
5. After The Rain
6. Burying My Troubles

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