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Moiré - No Future 2LP


Ghostly International 

When Moiré decided to call his second album No Future, he wasn't trying to make a political statement so much as state the obvious: If humanity keeps heading down the hateful path outlined by certain right-wing political figures and recent political events, we might as well hit the nearest self-destruct button. "It's not just about the West, either," explains the London-based producer. "It's the way the whole world thinks. It's almost like we're in this mad cycle. In a way, we have no choice - we either adapt to the situation or we're dead. That's it." Today's musicians are faced with a similar now-or-never situation: they can either experiment and evolve or get brushed aside by the Next Big Thing in an industry that's as flippant and fickle as it's ever been. Moiré welcomes this challenge with a record that's avant-garde and accessible, possessing a punk spirit without stealing its sound wholesale. No Future builds its story on the back of halogen-lit hooks and left-field dance loops instead, leaving a trail of breadcrumb-y beats for guest vocalists like MC DRS (a longtime collaborator of LTJ Bukem) and post-grime poet James Massiah.

01. Sequence 1
02. Lost You feat. DRS
03. Secret Window
04. Opium
05. Casual
06. Magma Dream
07. Jupiter
08. Opposites
09. Bootleg feat. DRS
10. Façade feat. James Massiah
11. System 100
12. Auteur (Outro)

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