Porter Ray - Watercolor 2LP NEW LOSER EDITION

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Porter Ray - Watercolor 2LP


Loser edition, colored vinyl w/ download.

Sub Pop Records

14 tracks. Each distinct. Each clear and nuanced. Each immersed in clean air and surrounded by abundant green. Beyond the highly visual, visceral verbiage and layered slumping sonics, Watercolor is about a family immediate and extended, who care deeply about this art form. It features original raps… original cadences… over original sample free beats. It is a testament to authenticity, work, brilliance and true collaboration with a reverence for what has preceded.

Every word, every beat, every piece of visual ephemera that one experiences on and in this project is resultant of years of conversations and shared exposures, common highs and mutual lows. From the painterly photographs that are the cover art, to the sketches that embrace the physical discs, to the sonic collaborations, Porter Ray creates with those who have been close in spirit and proximity.

The project features original production from B-Roc, Dez Anthony, Kmtk and Tele Fresco and was mixed by Erik Blood. It is vocally flavored by guest appearances from THEE Satisfaction’s Stas Thee Boss, Cashtro, Nate Jack, and Jus Moni. Iconic Central District MC, Infinite, of Narkotik and Tribal Productions as well as Black Constellation elders Palaceer Lazaro and Fly Guy Dai of Shabazz Palaces also make key contributions.

  1. Waves (feat. Aslan T. Rife)
  2. East Seattle
  3. Bulletproof Windows (feat. Nate Jack and Thad)
  4. Past Life (feat. Cashtro and Black)
  5. Everybody [Interlude] (feat. Fly Guy Dai of Shabazz Palaces)
  6. The Mirror Between Us (feat. JD and JusMoni)
  7. Sacred Geometry (feat. Cashtro and The Palaceer of Shabazz Palaces)
  8. Arithmetic (feat. Infinite and Stas Thee Boss)
  9. Navi Truck
  10. Lightro [Looking for the Light] (feat. Alana Belle and Stas Thee Boss)
  11. Dissolving in a Daydream
  12. My Mother's Words (feat. Debra Sullivan)
  13. Beautiful (feat. Aslan T. Rife)
  14. Sacred Geometry [Constellation Mix] (feat. The Palaceer of Shabazz Palaces and Cashtro)
  15. Vanilla Coke
  16. Sacred Geometry [Instrumental]
  17. Brothers [Instrumental]
  18. Arithmetic [Instrumental]

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