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Barrence Whitfield - Songs From The Sun Ra Cosmos LP NEW GOLD VINYL

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Barrence Whitfield - Songs From The Sun Ra Cosmos LP


Modern Harmonic Records

Garage and soul screamer Barrence Whitfield channels the Saturnian ruler of the omniverse with a soul-tripping exploration of Sun Ra favorites - from the explosive "Nuclear War" to the shimmering exotica of "Love In Outer Space" to the Funkadelicized "Everything Is Space." Since the '70s, lucky concert goers have witnessed the adrenaline mainlined madness that is a Barrence Whitfield performance. That brand of madness has been captured on hundreds of feet of magnetic tape and mutated into this studio recording over 25 years in the making - which somehow manages to be at times mellow, and at others completely explosive. Whitfield has channeled the late Sun Ra and delivers what we can best assume Ra would sound like if he had amphetamines kicking up his synaptic dopamine and norepinephrine concentrations in his striatum! Cut by Kevin Gay and pressed on colored vinyl LP at Third Man in Detroit! Includes liner notes from Irwin Chusid and Brother Cleve.

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