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Batman - Nelson Riddle Television Soundtrack LP

New. Sealed.

POW! ZAP! WOW! Digitally remastered reissue of the1966 Nelson Riddle TV soundtrack album. Both swingin' & campy, it features the hit TV theme along with original incidental music and dialog from the show. To the Batmobile - let's go!


Batman Theme
2 Batman Riddles the Riddler! - or - (Hi Diddle Riddle)
3 Voice Actor [The Riddler] - Frank Gorshin
4 Batus! -A-Go! Go! - or - (I Shouldn't Wish to Attract Attention)
5 Two Perfectly Ordinary People - or - (!!!)
6 Holy-Hole-In-The-Doughnut - or - (Robin, You've Done It Again!)
7 Batman Pows the Penguin - or - (Aha, My Fine-Feathered Finks!)
8 Voice Actor [The Penguin] - Burgess Meredith
9 To the Batmobile!
10 Batman Blues
11 Holy Flypaper
12 Batman Thaws Mr. Freeze - or - (That's the Way the Ice-Cube Crumbles!)
13 Voice Actor [MR. Freeze] - George Sanders
14 Gotham City
15 Zelda Tempts Batman - or - (Must He Go It Alone?)
16 Voice Actor [Eivol Ekdol] - Jack Kruschenvoice Actor [Zelda] - Anne Baxter

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