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Dale Watson - Call Me Insane LP 


Red House Records

Dale Watson has been been making records for 25 years, which makes him as much of a veteran as any of the honky tonk legends who inspired him in the first place, and like many music biz lifers, Watson is a smart guy who knows how to give his fans what they want while keeping thing fresh so he doesn't get bored.

1 A Day at a Time
2 Bug Ya for Love
3 Burden of the Cross
4 Everybody's Somebody in Luchenbach, Texas
5 Crocodile Tears
6 Jonesin for Jones
7 I'm Through Hurtin
8 Call Me Insane
9 Heaven's Gonna Have a Honky Tonk
10 Tienes Cabeza de Palo
11 I Owe It All to You
12 Forever Valentine
13 Hot Dang
14 Mama's Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up to Be Babies

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