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Dead Daisies - Locked & Loaded 


Steamhammer Records

"All for the love of rock: That's really what made this collection of covers come together. These are some of our favorite tunes, some bonafide classics - or simply songs that made us all smile, sweat and scream at a show, band and audience alike. As The Dead Daisies, we pride ourselves not only on being a living, breathing, ass-kicking band very much of today, we also celebrate the history of rock 'n' roll, the legacy of great music. In short: We are fans of rock, like you, and we will always be. This collection brings together classic tunes, done Daisies style, with big guitars, big vocals and always a bit of dirt under our collective fingernails. Just like we want it, don't we? So crank them. They work well with generous amounts of volume and a huge smile on your face. After all, a great song is a great song is a great song. Long live Rock. Enjoy. See you out there." - The Dead Daisies.

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