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Isle Of Dogs Original Soundtrack


ABKCO Records

Soundtrack to Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs”. The album contains score by Grammy Award winner Alexandre Desplat, and several classical and pop songs songs. Gate fold, single black LP


1. Shinto Shrine – Alexandre Desplat

2. Taiko Drumming 1 – Alexandre Desplat

3. The Municipal Dome – Alexandre Desplat

4. Six Months Later Dog-Fight + Dog-Fight – Alexandre Desplat

5. The Hero Pack – Alexandre Desplat

6. First Crash-Landing – Alexandre Desplat

7. Kanbei & Katsushiro–Kikuchiyo’s Mambo* – Fumio Hayasaka

8. 2nd Second Crash-Landing/Bath House/Beach Attack – Alexandre Desplat

9. Nutmeg – Alexandre Desplat

10. Kosame No Oka+ - MISSING

11. I Won’t Hurt You – The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

12. Toshiro – Alexandre Desplat

13. Jupiter and Oracle/Aboriginal Dogs – Alexandre Desplat

14. Sushi Scene – Alexandre Desplat

15. Midnight Sleighride – Sauter-Finegan Orchestra

16. Pagoda Slide pt1 – Alexandre Desplat

17. First Bath of a Stray Dog – Alexandre Desplat

18. TV Drumming 2 – Kaoru Watanabe

19. Konbayashi Canine-Testing Laboratory – Alexandre Desplat

20. Tokyo Shoe Shine Boy – Teruko Akatsuki

21. Re-Election Night pts 1-3 – Alexandre Desplat

22. End Titles – Alexandre Desplat

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