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Masta Ace, Inc. - Slaughtahouse


Craft Recordings

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary Features the classic track “Jeep Ass Niguh,” one of the quintessential cruising singles of the summer of 1993.


Side A

1. A Walk Thru The Valley

2. Slaughtahouse

3. Late Model Sedan

4. Jeep Ass Niguh (Remix)

Side B

1. The Big East

2. Jack B. Nimble

3. Boom Bashin’


Side C

1. The Mad Wunz

2. Style Wars

3. Who You Jackin?

4. Rollin’ Wit Um Dada

Side D

1. Ain’t You Da Masta

2. Crazy Drunken Style

3. Don’t F*** Around Outro

4. Saturday Nite Live