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The band Kiss’s trademark is their face paints (and Gene Simmons abnormally long tongue which he cared to exhibit every single time he had the chance to). With makeup, they were the Starchild, the Catman, the Demon, and the But in 1973, on the photoshoot for their debut album, rumor has it that Joel Brodsky, the photographer in charge, thought they were meant to be clowns, and actually suggested some balloons on the background. Having a clear reference in the “fab four” from Liverpool, the band went for a simple display of only faces with makeup (introducing their masked personas) in a black background, very close to the album “Meet the Beatles!” from 1964. 80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane. * Size Guide: For men: - Large: L: 41-46 UK (7½-11½) US (8-12). - Medium: M: 36-40 UK (4-7) US (4½-7½). For women: - Large: L: 41-46 UK (7½-11½) US (10-12½). - Medium: M: 36-40 UK (4-7) US (6-9½).

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