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Van Morrison - Moondance 3LP


Warner Records

A perennial favorite, Moondance is often regarded as one of the best albums of all time. Ten years ago, the deluxe edition of the record was released to wide acclaim, with critics and fans basking in the context provided by previously unreleased songs from the recording session. This one extends that look behind the curtain into the "making of" a masterpiece. The RIAA-platinum certified classic was written and composed by Van Morrison himself, and is often credited with ushering in the "soft rock" era. Hits from the collection include "Come Running," "Into the Mystic," "Crazy Love," and of course, the title track "Moondance."

- Side 1 -
1 And It Stoned Me (2023 Steven Wilson Remix)
2 Moondance (2023 Steven Wilson Remix)
3 Crazy Love (2023 Steven Wilson Remix)
4 Caravan (2023 Steven Wilson Remix)
5 Into the Mystic (2023 Steven Wilson Remix)
- Side 2 -
1 Come Running (2023 Steven Wilson Remix)
2 These Dreams of You (2023 Steven Wilson Remix)
3 Brand New Day (2023 Steven Wilson Remix)
4 Everyone (2023 Steven Wilson Remix)
5 Glad Tidings (2023 Steven Wilson Remix)
- Side 3 -
1 Into the Mystic (Take 11)
2 Caravan (Take 4)
3 Glad Tidings (Remix 2) [2013 Remaster]
4 These Dreams of You (Remix)
- Side 4 -
1 Come Running (Take 2)
2 Brand New Day (Take 3)
3 Glad Tidings (Alternate Version)
4 Crazy Love (Alternate Mix)
- Side 5 -
1 Caravan (Redo: Take 3)
2 These Dreams of You (Alternate Version)
3 Moondance (Take 22)
4 Glad Tidings (Take 9)
- Side 6 -
1 I Shall Sing (Take 7)
2 Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (Outtake)
3 I've Been Working (Early Version) [Take 5]