Rick & Morty Soundtrack 2LP NEW LOSER EDITION

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Rick And Morty Soundtrack 2LP


Sub Pop Records

This release is the first official collection of music from Rick and Morty. The album also includes songs by Mazzy Star, Chaos Chaos, Blonde Redhead, and Belly, all of which have been featured in the show, as well as two new tunes from Chad VanGaalen and Clipping inspired by the show.

Disc 1
1 Rick and Morty Theme
2 Jerry’s Rick
3 The Small Intestine Song
4 The Flu Hatin’ Rap
5 African Dream Pop
6 Look On Down From the Bridge – Mazzy Star
7 The Rick Dance
8 Goodbye Moonmen
9 Summer and Tinkles
10 Do You Feel It – Chaos Chaos
11 Unity Says Goodbye
12 Get Schwifty (C-131)
13 Raised Up (C-131)

Disc 2
1 Stab Him in the Throat – clipping.
2 Help Me I’m Gonna Die
3 Let Me Out
4 Memories – Chaos Chaos
5 Stuttering Light – Chad VanGaalen
6 Alien Jazz Rap
7 For the Damaged Coda – Blonde Redhead
8 Fathers and Daughters
9 Seal My Fate - Belly
10 Terryfold – Chaos Chaos
11 Tales from the Citadel
12 Rick and Morty Score Medley
13 Human Music

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