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Robin Trower - Coming Closer To the Day LP


Vinyl LP pressing. Robin Trower, the iconic guitarist who rose to fame with the legendary Procol Harum, returns with Coming Closer To The Day. It's rare to find a '60s legend still on trailblazing form in their eighth decade. But while Trower's peers recycle the old hits or retreat from view, the 73-year-old guitarist finds himself in a golden late-bloom of creativity. Even at this career pinnacle, Trower admits he "just can't stop." And with Coming Closer To The Day, his songcraft and soulful performances have never sounded more alive. Acting on artistic instincts - rather than bowing to market forces - might not be a fashionable or profitable approach in the modern music industry. But in 2019, it's a philosophy that is driving Trower's late career to new creative heights, as the bluesman tightens his grip on the long-term fans who fell for his classic '60s work, while reeling in younger music-lovers who crave something honest and unvarnished in the age of artifice.

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