Rock Candy Funk Party - The Groove Cubed 2LP NEW

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 Rock Candy Funk Party - The Groove Cubed 2LP


INGrooves Records

Rock Candy Funk Party are: Tal Bergman (producer/drums), Joe Bonamassa (guitar), Ron DeJesus (guitar), and Mike Merritt (bass). On The Groove Cubed, they have added two fabulous vocalists to the mix - Ty Taylor (Vintage Trouble) and Mahalia Barnes - which is a first for them. The new album delivers a lavish soundscape that incorporates a plethora of genres, from dance and electronica, to funk and jazz and everything in between. Their last album, Groove Is King, has sold 5K RTD.

1. Gothic Orleans, 2. Drunk on Bourbon on Bourbon Street, 3. In The Grooove, 4. Don't Even Try It, 5. Two Guys and Stanley Kubrick Walk Into a Jazz Club, 6. Isle of the Wright Brothers, 7. Mr. Space, 8. I Got the Feelin', 9. After Hours, 10. This Tune Should Run for President, 11. Mr Funkadamus Returns and He Is MAD, 12. Funk-o- potamia, 13. The Token Ballad, 14. Ping Pong

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