Rockin' Ramrods - Self Titled LP NEW COLOR VINYL

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Rockin' Ramrods - Self Titled LP


Beatrocket Records

Grindin' & gritty primordial punk! The perfect proto-punk blend of melody and aggression by The Rockin\' Ramrods put a stranglehold on the mid 60s Boston rock scene. This array of hip-shakers includes the iconic original 'She Lied,' a thrilling cover of Little Richard's 'The Girl Can't Help It,' four recently discovered gems making their vinyl debut, and even more sonic onslaughts!

1 She Lied
2 Jungle Call
3 Willie’s Plastic People Factory
4 I Know You
5 Wild About You
6 I’ll Be On My Way
7 Bright Lit Blue Skies
8 Mister Wind
9 I Wanna Be Your Man
10 I Love You No More
11 Got My Mojo Working
12 Play It!
13 Indian Giver
14 You Went Away
15 The Girl Can’t Help It
16 Tears Melt The Stones

1She Lied2Jungle Call3Willie’s Plastic People Factory4I Know You5Wild About You6I’ll Be On My Way7Bright Lit Blue Skies8Mister Wind9I Wanna Be Your Man10I Love You No More11Got My Mojo Working12Play It!13Indian Giver14You Went Away15The Girl Can’t Help It16Tears Melt The Stones

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