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Sell Your Music



We pay in cash and store credit for records, CDs, DVDs, 7”s and stereo equipment every day. We pay the best prices in the Puget Sound and are highly recommended by customers. 
You can come in anytime during business hours and one of our qualified buyers will assist you as quickly as possible.  We will sort your collection, come up with a fair offer and pay you on the spot.  
If you have a large collection, we are happy to arrange an in-home buy if it’s a reasonable distance from our store. Please call (253) 627-4278 for more information.
LPs (12”, 10”, 7”)

On average we are able to pay about $1 - $5 per LP, less for poor condition or common titles ($.25 - $.75), and more for in-demand or unique ones. ($6+).


 On average we are able to pay about $.50 - $2 per CD, less for poor condition or common titles ($.10 - $.25), and more for in-demand or unique ones ($3+). DVDs are slightly lower, averaging at about $.25-$1 per item.





 When can I come in to sell my collection? Do I need to make an appointment?

 No appointment is necessary; you are welcome to bring your items in any time during business hours. 


 How does payment work?

 We will pay you cash on the spot for your items.


 How long does it take?
Our buyers are quick and efficient and it usually doesn’t take too long to sort through items, on average approximately 5-10 minutes per box. Please allow up to 30 minutes for a large collection.


How do I know which items are valuable and which aren’t?

 Buying and selling used media requires an in depth understanding of music history, current trends, pressing variations, condition and many more variables. We urge our customers to just bring everything they have all at once and let us sort through it as it is not something we can easily relay over the phone/email.