Silverchair - Diorama LP NEW Colored Vinyl

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Silverchair - Diorama


Music On Vinyl

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Diorama is the fourth studio album by Australian alternative rock band Silverchair. The album won an ARIA Music Award for Best Rock Album in 2002. With the release of Diorama they were growing more into their own sound, with a fine mix of orchestral pop and rock. Their alternative rock sound has changed to a more melodic one. With the sounds of the harpsichord, organ and orchestra they created their own rock opera. Lead singer Daniel Johns is bringing the best of rock and opera together in his high and impressive vocal parts. But there's still a touch of their alternative rock sound in songs like 'Without You' and 'Too Much Is Not Enough'. All in all, Silverchair released an ambitious and gorgeously produced album.

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