Social Distortion - Live At The Roxy 2LP NEW

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Social Distortion - Live At The Roxy 2LP 


Bicycle Music Company

Reissued almost 20 years to the day of the album’s original release date - this first (and only) live album from the Godfathers of Punk comprises a double LP set and features a replica of the rare poster that came with the original 1998 pressing (featuring frontman Mike Ness on stage). The set includes such favorites as “Story of my Life,” “Don’t Drag Me Down,” “Bad Luck,” “Mommy’s Little Monster” and a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” Typical of Social Distortion’s reputation, the band performs with a fierce energy onstage and Live at the Roxy captures this intensity.

LP 1
1. Story Of My Life
2. Bad Luck
3. Under My Thumb
4. Prison Bound
5. Mommy's Little Monster
6. Mass Hysteria
7. The Creeps
8. Another State Of Mind
9. Let It Be Me
LP 2
1. No Pain, No Gain
2. Cold Feelings
3. Telling Them
4. I Was Wrong
5. 1945
6. Don't Drag Me Down
7. Ball & Chain
8. Ring of Fire

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