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Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Fluid Soundbox LP


Dionysus Records

The Fluid Soundbox, the second full-length album by Ernest Maeschi and Karen Diblitz a/k/a Stereophonic Space Sound UNLIMITED, is chock-full of '50s and '60s-inspired instrumentals, done with contemporary flair. Delving into the backgrounds and personal lives of the intensely private Maeschi and Diblitz was difficult, and to be honest, their lifestyles make them sound like international jet-setters. Karen Diblitz works for the European Formula One racing tour and travels the world while Ernest Maeschi seems to be unemployed but is able to purchase expensive musical instruments for his recording studio and travel the world at whim.

1 Triple Threat
2 Something for Johnny
3 The Wobbler
4 Formulator
5 Theme from Stella Interstellar
6 Girl from Acapulco
7 Robot a Go Go
8 Der Ermittler
9 Dragon City
10 Project QX5
11 The Freddie Pt.1
12 Mummy Walk
13 Love Godess
14 Budapest Incident

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