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Supersuckers - Holdin' The Bag LP


Reptilian Records

The mighty SUPERSUCKERS switch gears on this album, taking their rock down a country dirt road - kicking up dust with a bad-ass posse - outlaw singer-songwriter Hayes Carll, acclaimed alt-country songstress Lydia Loveless, Asleep at the Wheel fiddler Jason Roberts, Butthole Surfers member Jeff Pinkus, noted neo-honky-tonker Jesse Dayton, and Willie Nelson's longtime harmonica sidekick Mickey Raphael.

1. Oldin' the Bag
2. This Life... with You (Feat. Hayes Carll)
3. High and Outside
4. Man on a Mission
5. I Can't Cry (Feat. Lydia Loveless)
6. Let's Bounce
7. I Do What I Can
8. Jibber-Jabber
9. That's How It Gets Done
10. Shimmy and Shake
11. All My Rowdy Friends
12. Georgia on a Fast Train (Vinyl Bonus Track)

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