Upsetters - Return Of Django/Dollar In The Teeth 7" NEW

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Upsetters - Return Of Django/Dollar In The Teeth 7"


Get On Down Records

7 inch singles were instrumental to the development of the Jamaican music industry, more affordable than full lengths for the consumer, they also allowed the labels to turnaround what was being recorded into music played from their booming sound systems as quickly as possible. In that spirit, Get On Down will be reissuing some of the most crucial Jamaican sides on 45. This time out, it’s The Upsetter Lee Perry with his spaghetti western-inspired "Return of Django” featuring some great sax work from Val Bennett. The instrumental outing was of course well received in Jamaica when issued in 1969 and hit #5 on the UK charts. The equally impressive “Dollar In The Teeth” is on the flip. Both selections being favorites in the UK Skinhead subculture and highly influential on the British Two-Tone movement of the later 70s.

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