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Weird Omen - Surrealistic Feast LP


Dirty Water Records

Two LPs and four singles in, WEIRD OMEN still evade direct comparisons to anyone. Descriptions abound: Primitive garage, a deluge of trash brass, reverb, and fuzzzzz, a crypto-hypnotic garage trance, blending 60s tones and psychedelic neo-garage, and Frances strangest garage-psych-rock trio - comprised of guitar, sax, and drums. Lost somewhere betweenThe Cramps and The Kinks. Balancing between a gloomy psychedelic atmosphere and fast-paced punk energy, Weird Omen manage to make some new with the old, imposing their own unique style. Refusing to succumb to one genre only, the band bravely blends garage, exotica, rockabilly, and psych.The lineup is straightforward, if unusual; a storming rhythm section comprised of drummer Remi Pablo and guitarist Sister Ray and what can only be described as a lead baritone saxophonist, Fred Rollercoaster. Weird Omen defies the current trends of garage; or more exactly, builds upon its foundations to make something completely different out of it.

1 A Place I Want To Know
2 Wild Honey
3 Please Kill Me
4 Earworm
5 Surrealistic Feast
6 Collection Of Regrets
7 The Goat.
8 Trouble In My Head
9 Out Of My Brain
10 I Will Write You Poetry

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