ZZ Top - Cinco N. 2: Second 5LP Box Set NEW

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ZZ Top - Cinco N. 2: Second


Rhino Records

ZZ TOP is set to dish out a second heaping helping of analog goodness with the sequel to it's previous vinyl set. On the menu this time around are the albums that made "That Little Ol' Band From Texas" global superstars during the 1980s. The collection includes five studio albums pressed on heavyweight 180-gram vinyl, presented in a box the design of which has been inspired by the custom suits made for guitarist Billy F Gibbons' by Hollywood's Jaime Castaneda a/k/a "Jaime The Tailor." ZZ TOP Hometown: Houston, TX - This sturdy American blues-rock trio from Texas was formed in 1970 in and around Houston from rival bands. Their first two albums reflected the strong blues roots and Texas humor of the band. Their success continued unabated throughout the '70s, culminating with the year-and-a-half-long Worldwide Texas Tour. 


Side A
1. I Thank You
2. She Loves My Automobile
3. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
4. A Fool for Your Stockings
5. Manic Mechanic
6. Dust My Broom

Side B
1. Dust My Broom
2. Lowdown in the Street
3. Hi Fi Mama
4. Cheap Sunglasses
5. Esther Be the One

Side C
1. Tube Snake Boogie
2. I Wanna Drive You Home
3. Ten Foot Pole
4. Leila
5. Don't Tease Me

Side D
1. It's So Hard
2. Pearl Necklace
3. Groovy Little Hippie Pad
4. Heaven, Hell or Houston
5. Party on the Patio

Side E
1. Gimme All Your Lovin'
2. Got Me Under Pressure
3. Sharp Dressed Man
4. I Need You Tonight
5. I Got the Six

Side F
1. Legs
2. Thug
3. TV Dinners
4. Dirty Dog
5. If I Could Only Flag Her Down
6. Bad Girl

Side G
1. Sleeping Bag
2. Stages
3. Woke Up with Wood
4. Rough Boy
5. Can't Stop Rockin'

Side H
1. Planet of Women
2. I Got the Message
3. Velcro Fly
4. Dipping Low (In the Lap of Luxury)
5. Delirious

Side I
1. Concrete and Steel
2. Lovething
3. Penthouse Eyes
4. Tell It
5. My Head's in Mississippi

Side J
1. Decision or Collision
2. Give It Up
3. 2000 Blues
4. Burger Man
5. Doubleback

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