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Danger Mouse & Daniel Luppi - ROME LP 


Third Man Records

REISSUED by demand, for your insatiable listening pleasure. This homage to classic Italian film music features Jack White, Norah Jones and original musicians from classic Ennio Morricone scores. Over five years in the making, ROME was born out of Danger Mouse and composer/arranger Daniele Luppi's shared passion for classic Italian film music. After an intense songwriting period, the pair traveled to Rome where they sought out several of the original musicians who performed on scores for films such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West.
Starring Jack White & Norah Jones.

1. Theme Of ''Rome''
2. The Rose With A Broken Neck (feat. Jack White)
3. Morning Fog (Interlude)
4. Season's Trees (feat. Norah Jones)
5. Her Hollow Ways (Interlude)
6. Roman Blue
7. Two Against One (feat. Jack White)
8. The Gambling Priest
9. The World (Interlude)
10. Black (feat. Norah Jones)
11. The Matador Has Fallen
12. Morning Fog
13. Problem Queen (feat. Norah Jones)
14. Her Hollow Ways
15. The World (feat. Jack White)

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