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Return Policy


We guarantee that all merchandise purchased from Hi-Voltage is in the condition stated. All new items will be guaranteed free of manufacturing defects. Our used items are clearly described, graded, and photographed for accuracy. Please see below for what each grade means.

Returns must go through the return process via your customer account. After submitting your claim, you will receive information regarding the process from there. At times we may ask for photos or a video of the problem to see if we can address the issue without the need for a return.

Online Purchases:

  • Please read the following policies, then lop in to your customer account to request a return.  
  • Timeline: You have 7 days from the time that you receive your order to make sure that the item you received is in the expected condition.
  • Defects: Please contact us if a “New” item has a manufacturing defect. We will be glad to exchange it for another copy of the same item. If one is no longer available, we will provide a refund. If the item is “Used”, and does not adhere to our description and policy, please follow the return instructions to request a refund and proceed with the return. 
  • Mistakes: We carefully and thoughtfully pack all of your orders. If we accidentally send you a different item than you ordered, we will make it right. We cannot do refunds or exchanges for purchases you have changed your mind about. Please make sure that you read all item descriptions before making your purchase.
  • Shipping: Hi-Voltage takes pride in all of the orders we send out. If, in shipping, there is significant damage to the box that causes the item to be drastically different from the state it was described as, we will gladly file a claim with the shipping company used. Examples of this type of damage are: broken records/CDs, warped records, and extensive damage to album cover.  Please be aware that no matter how well we package your order, there may be a bit of wear during the travel. These may include: slightly smooshed record cover corners, or slight seam splits. While we try extremely hard to pack your order so this doesn’t happen, once it’s out of our hands, we have no control over the care that is taken along the way.  If you are worried about any potential small cosmetic problems, you may be best buying your records from a local indie record shop. That way, you can view the condition in person and know that you are in control of its safety.

Please be mindful of your purchases as we cannot provide refunds for items mistakenly purchased. 

Ebay Purchases: Requests for refunds must be made directly through ebay. 


In Store Purchases:

  • Timeline: You have 7 days from your purchase to return your purchase. You will receive a gift card in the amount of you paid for it, that can be used in store or online any time. Items must be in the same condition that they were bought in. If you open a sealed album, and would like to return for any other reason than manufacturing defects, your item will be considered “used” and the value diminished. If this does occur, we will offer you trade value on your purchase.


Used record grading

When looking at used vinyl on our site, you will see a "grade" that reflects the condition the item is in. We try to err on the side of caution and grade very conservatively so that your expectations are always met.

In titles and descriptions, the grading will always list the record first and cover second; ex.: VG+-NM means the record is VG+ and the cover is NM.

Record grades and their meanings:

M or MINT: For a record to be mint it has to be perfect in every way. We typically reserve this grade for sealed albums because it is extremely rare to find a mint record that has been opened.

NM or NEAR MINT: Near mint records are collectable quality. There will not be any audible imperfections during playback and the record itself will have very minor signs of use. They have been stored properly and the covers should not have much if any signs of wear. 

VG++/VG+ or VERY GOOD PLUS PLUS/VERY GOOD PLUS: VG++/VG+ records are well taken care of and in very nice shape but do have some wear. There may be some surface scuffs on the record that will not affect play as well as spindle wear. The covers may have ring wear, bent corners or other aesthetic issues while still being sturdy. There also may be a cut-out hole or some other promotional indentation. VG++ will be closer to NM than VG+.

VG or VERY GOOD: VG records have lots of life left in them but have not been taken care of too well. There may be surface wear on the record that can be heard during playback, writing or tears on the label, etc. The cover may have been torn or taped back together. Ring wear may be pretty prevalent.

G or GOOD: We very rarely have records that are graded this low on our site. G graded records are pretty rough and all we can guarantee is that they will play through without skipping. The records may show lots of scuffs and groove wear and playback will be noisy. The covers may be torn, water damaged or worse.