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Alan Bishop & Sam Shalabi - Mother of All Sinners LP 


Unrock's Saraswati Series is mostly string orientated, zigzagging between the lines where underground and high-art performance overlap. Out jumps the first part of their actively anti-Western sub-series: Mother Of All Sinners, a part of the "Puppet on a String" twin albums. OSAMA SHALABI, a born Egyptian (best known for his work with SHALABI EFFECT and LAND OF KUSH), is an expert playing the oud. He's a traveler between the Eastern and Western worlds and long-time contributor to the Montreal scene. Sam—who spent the last few years home in Cairo—breathes his own sense of space and time through the epic "Tamara," an 18-minute long melodic, delightful improvisation. The other story, "Faith Of Our Fathers." starts in Agouza, Cairo, where Sam Shalabi and ALAN BISHOP spent some time jamming. They'd run free, lose form, find intensity, and wound up creating a contemporary version of oriental psychedelic free form. A mind-blowing, wild, never mellow Cairo night, now documented here. It's getting intense: A north-African sand storm. Mother Of All Sinners will be released as a one-time limited run pressing, It has an extra heavy deluxe cover and a solid printed inlay.

Alan Bishop / Sam Shalabi
Faith of Our Fathers
Alan Bishop / Sam Shalabi

Unrock Records