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American Analog Set - Know By Heart LP


Barsuk Records

2014 reissue LP on 180-gram vinyl. The American Analog Set proudly revels in being the indie rock equivalent of the soft rock sound of the '70 's. Mellow and relaxed, this band has a smoother ambient vibe than most indie rockers. "Know by Heart" is their fourth studio album, and it came out in 2001. Fans and critics consider it one of their best. The subtlety of it's melodies and lyrics build as the album progresses, with drummer Mark Smith snapping a little electricity with the overall minimalist sonic approach. Like true indie rockers, their lyrics aren't afraid to plant their tongues firmly in their cheeks, especially on songs such as "We're Computerizing and We Just Don't Need You Anymore." This reissue sounds even better than the original, as it is on 180-gram audiophile vinyl.

1 Punk As F***
2 Only One
3 Like Foxes Through Fences
4 Postman
5 Choir Vandals
6 Gone to Earth
7 Million Young
8 Kindness of Strangers
9 Know By Heart
10 Slow Company
11 Aaron & Maria
12 We're Computerizing and We Just Don't Need You Anymore