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Amon Amarth - Avenger LP


Metal Blade Records

Amon Amarth’s 1999 sophomore release The Avenger is thirty-six minutes of intensity. Coming off their successful debut Once Sent from the Golden Hall, the band refined their songwriting talent while maintaining the vicious onslaught. This is the first record to feature the band's solidified lineup that has remained up until 2016's Jomsviking. The chemistry between the lineup is instantly felt throughout the seven songs within. Peter Tatgren is once again brought in to produce and his signature guitar tones and production values were a huge asset to the band's early success. 

1. Bleed for Ancient Gods 2. The Last with Pagan Blood 3. North Sea Storm 4. Avenger 5. God, His Son and Holy Whore 6. Metalwrath 7. Legend of a Banished Man 8. Thor Arise (Bonus Track)