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Autonomous: A Novel

Author: Newitz, Annalee

Publication Date: 09/04/2018

Format: Paperback

Autonomous Is To Biotech And Ai What Neuromancer Was To The Internet.—neal Stephenson Something Genuinely And Thrillingly New In The Naturalistic, Subjective, Paradoxically Humanistic But Non-anthropomorphic Depiction Of Bot-pov—and All In The Service Of Vivid, Solid Storytelling.—william Gibson When Anything Can Be Owned, How Can We Be Free Earth, 2144. Jack Is An Anti-patent Scientist Turned Drug Pirate, Traversing The World In A Submarine As A Pharmaceutical Robin Hood, Fabricating Cheap Scrips For Poor People Who Can’t Otherwise Afford Them. But Her Latest Drug Hack Has Left A Trail Of Lethal Overdoses As People Become Addicted To Their Work, Doing Repetitive Tasks Until They Become Unsafe Or Insane. Hot On Her Trail, An Unlikely Pair: Eliasz, A Brooding Military Agent, And His Robotic Partner, Paladin. As They Race To Stop Information About The Sinister Origins Of Jack’s Drug From Getting Out, They Begin To Form An Uncommonly Close Bond That Neither Of Them Fully Understand. And Underlying It All Is One Fundamental Question: Is Freedom Possible In A Culture Where Everything, Even People, Can Be Owned?