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Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated

Author: Serrano, Shea ; Torres, Arturo ; Miller, Reggie

Publication Date: 10/10/2017

Format: Paperback

Thirty-three Chapters, Each Chapter A Different Basketball Question That Needs To Be Answered. Some Of Them Are Obviously Crucial ... And Some Of Them Are Secretly Crucial. But All Of Them Are Approached In Ways That ([the Author] Hope[s] You Think) Are Smart And Fun And Nuanced--back Cover. What Year Was Michael Jordan The Best Version Of Michael Jordan? -- Who's Your Frankenplayer Made Out Of? -- Who's The Greatest Dunker In Nba History? -- What's The Order Of The First Round Of The Fictional Basketball Player Draft? Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3 -- Which Nba Players Get Remembered For The Wrong Reasons? -- How Many Points Should [shot] Actually Be Worth? -- Which Dunks Are In The Disrespectful Dunk Hall Of Fame? Part 1 ; Part 2 -- Who Is Your Memory Hero? -- Which Nba Player's Group Are You Joining If The Purge Begins Tonight? -- What's The Most Important Nba Championship? Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3 -- Basketball Court: Who's More Important To The History Of Basketball, Allen Iverson Or Dwayne Wade? -- How Do Players' Legacies Change If We Change Their Names? -- What's The Plot For Death Hammer 2: Hammergeddon? -- If 1997 Karl Malone And A Bear Swapped Places For A Season, Who Would Be More Successful? -- What If Nick Anderson Made One Of Those Free Throws? -- What Happened In The Moment Before The Moment? Part 1 (1986-1991) ; Part 2 (1991-2001) ; Part 3 (2002-2016) -- Was Kobe Bryant A Dork? (and Also: How Many Years During His Career Was Kobe Bryant The Best Player In The League?) -- What Attributes Make For The Best Basketball Villain? (and Also: Who's A First-ballot Selection For The Basketball Villain Hall Of Fame?) -- Should We Do A Chapter That's Just A Bunch Of Lists? -- Am I Allowed To _____ During Pickup Basketball? Part 1 ; Part 2 -- Who Had The Better Big-name Game Under Duress? -- What Would've Happened If Shaq And Hakeem Had Played That One-on-one Game? -- Which Was The Most Perfect Duo In Nba History? -- If You Could Dunk On Any One Person, Who Would It Be? -- Which Nba Player's Legacy Is The Most Greatly Affected If We Give Him The Championship He Never Won? Shea Serrano ; With Illustrations By Arturo Torres ; Foreword By Reggie Miller. Includes Index.

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