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Behaviors - The Sad Truth About Happiness LP


NoiseAgonyMayhem Records

Nanaimo BC trio Behaviors harken their sound back to bands from the good ol’ days of pre-Nevermind underground indie rock, later sold to the masses as ‘grunge’ but by then missing some of the original spark. Behaviors have that spark in spades mixed with the abstract notion of the reality of today’s hell hole. But make no mistake, this is no is more of a throw-up purge making all the bad feelings flawlessly honest. Knowing right from wrong, living wrong from right, Behaviors bolster your rock given rite to expand your mind down the impure road arriving in the death dance land of rock salvation...and all that is left, brothers and sisters, is to boogie down as it all burns. This sermon is served with a healthy dose of scuzz-fuzz psych rock, sprinkled with a hint of piss & vinegar shaken with uppers, downers and everything in between. Dissipating energy through killer amps, sonorous drumming and a triple vox offensive and voila...Behaviors have saved your dark soul of rock. And now heard all over the streets are these words from the scripture...”Behaviors are the best new band on the West Coast...problem...fight me.”
released February 10, 2023

Behaviors is JV_Dub, Ism & Salty Dog
Recorded at the Slaughter House, Nanaimo BC by Mike T 2019
Mastered by Joshua Stevenson
Front cover photo & portraits by Jason Felker
Back cover photo by Katie Gilray

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