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Bomb The Music Industry! - Album Minus Band. LP


Asian Man Records

A1 Blow Your Brains Out On Live TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0:45
A2 Does Your Face Hurt? No? ‘Cause It’s Killing Me!!!!!!!!! 3:13
A3 It Ceases To Be “Whining” If You’re Still “Shitting Blood.” 2:20
A4 Big Plans Of Sleeping In 2:00
A5 “I’m A Panic Bomb, Baby!” 2:15
A6 Sweet Home Cananada 4:28
B1 Funcoland Vs. The Southern Electorate 0:50
B2 Ready… Set… No!!! 2:32
B3 “I’m Too Cooooool For Music” 2:19
B4 Pike St. - Park Slope 3:27
B6 Future 86 4:54