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Author: Morris, Jordan ; Morgan, Sarah ; Cliff, Tony ; Riess, Natalie

Publication Date: 07/13/2021

Format: Paperback

Based On The Smash-hit Audio Serial, Bubble Is A Hilarious High-energy Graphic Novel With A Satirical Take On The “gig Economy.” Built And Maintained By Corporate Benevolence, The City Of Fairhaven Is A Literal Bubble Of Safety And Order (and Amazing Coffee) In The Midst Of The Brush, A Harsh Alien Wilderness Ruled By Monstrous Imps And Rogue Bands Of Humans. Humans Like Morgan, Who’s Brush-born And Bubble-raised And Fully Capable Of Fending Off An Imp Attack During Her Morning Jog. She’s Got A Great Routine Going—she Has A Chill Day Job, She Recreationally Kills The Occasional Imp, Then She Takes That Imp Home For Her Roommate And Bff, Annie, To Transform Into Drugs As A Side Hustle. But Cracks Appear In Her Tidy Life When One Of Those Imps Nearly Murders A Delivery Guy In Her Apartment, Accidentally Transforming Him Into A Brush-powered Mutant In The Process. And When Morgan’s Company Launches Huntr, A Gig Economy App For Imp Extermination, She Finds Herself Press-ganged Into Kicking Her Stabby Side Job Up To The Next Level As She Battles A Parade Of Monsters And Monstrously Brush-turned Citizens, From A Living Hipster Beard To A Book Club Hive Mind.

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