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Charles Dowding’s No Dig Gardening, Course 1: From Weeds to Vegetables Easily and Quickly

Author: Dowding, Charles

Publication Date: 10/20/2020

Format: Hardcover

Compared to Charles' other books, this is more about no dig, eliminating weeds, garden layout, compost making, and using compost. There is also a history of no-dig vegetable gardening in the last 100 years. I want listeners to understand the context and the reasons why no dig has not been much valued until recently, and why it is now.

There is a section on site evaluation and creating beds and paths. Then comes a whole section on clearing weeds by mulching, so that you can have clean soil and less weed pressure. More time to be creative.

There are two sections with detailed planting plans for small spaces. These are based on what Charles grew then harvested there in successive seasons, and how no dig helped to achieve these results.

This audiobook has 18 sections, covering the key methods and wonderful results of no dig, from starting with weeds to sowing and planting straightaway, and cropping soon after.

You learn how to:

Start out no dig
Save time and avoid unnecessary effort
Create and look after beds and paths, with a whole section on paths and their value
Recognize and reduce the different types of weeds
Understand and use different types of mulch or soil cover
Know the differences between soil, compost, and different types of compost
Make compost
Grow an abundance of vegetables