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Clytemnestra: A Novel

Author: Casati, Costanza

Publication Date: 05/02/2023

Format: Hardcover

Meet Clytemnestra, the most notorious heroine of the Ancient World

You are born to a king, but marry a tyrant. You stand helplessly as he sacrifices your child to placate the gods. You watch him wage war on a foreign shore and you comfort yourself with violent thoughts of your own. You play the part, fooling enemies who deny you justice. And slowly, you plot.

But when your husband returns in triumph, what then? Acceptance or vengeance—death follows both. So you bide your time and force the gods’ hands in a wretched game of vengeance.

You know queens: they are either hated or forgotten. And you already know which option suits you best.

Circe meets Cersei Lannister in Clytemnestra, the powerful retelling about the most notorious heroine and favorite villain of the Ancient World who reined as an unforgettable and ruthless queen, faced the men who wronged her, and forged a treacherous path to ensure everyone would know her name.